Affinage Colours

Ladies / Gentlemen … are you looking to:

Hide the grey?
Change to a full head of colour?
Are your roots starting to show?
Or do you simply want a change?

Susan can accommodate any of these needs simply call or text 021 499 194 for a Superb Hair experience

Among Susans clients, the men enjoy the privacy and comfort of having colour work done in the home so your friends won’t see you looking like a spaceman with foils!.  Colour can be tailored to give a truly masculine look while still looking natural alternatively Susan can produce a fashion statement with wow factor!

When having your hair coloured with Susan at Superb Hair you will have access to a huge colour range from the Italian company Affinage.  Having used these products for over 10 years, Susan has achieved amazing results for her clients with colours lasting and excellent coverage on grey hair

Affinage Hi-Lights

By using either tint or powder lightener, Susan can create a whole new look, which will maximise the look of the cut you have had. You can chose thick or thin foils or go for mixed blondes.  Clients often want Susan to help advise them on the best colour and positioning of these foils to get the most dramatic effect

Affinage Lo-Lights

These are great if you are going grey and you want to put say 30% of your natural base colour back without having a full block colour.  These can be painted on or applied by foils or with a cap.  Lo-Lights give you very natural looking results, and are also very good for guys who want to be discreet in their colouring

Affinage Block Colour

This is a fun way of having 1 or more c

olours added to your hair.  Some people like the whole fringe area coloured in a vibrant red or blue or they choose to have blonde at the top and dark underneath, whatever you like can be fun, Susan can be very creative with your hair if you wish

Affinage Paintings – ideal for Men wanting a natural look

This can be done with one or more colours where

each section is painted on using a fine brush or the eye of a comb.  Either fine or thick results can be achieved depending on application technique and are great for a subtle or highlighted effect.  Susan uses this technique a lot for guys and older ladies who want to introduce a portion of their natural hair colour back into 80% greying hair.  It looks very natural and just puts a bit of their original base colour back with less re-growth showing if done finely. It’s a very cost effective way of colouring your hair or covering grey

To book your Superb Hair Experience call Susan (021) 499 194