Perms for all hair types

Perms – they come in all types suitable for men and women

Our perms are long lasting, using just the right solution for your hair with prices starting from just $85

Weave Perm

If you want a perm that looks natural and gives your hair body & looks slightly wild – then the weave perm is for you.  Because we’re curling only partial sections of the hair, the weave perm will give you a fabulous, fusion look with both textured and straight pieces in your hair. You’ll be treated with great versatility by choosing how much of your hair is treated for this modern look.  We weave sections of your hair and some of your hair is left un-permed, giving you support from the big rollers under the hair we left  uncurled

Classic Wind Perm

You can have classic tight curls that are very easy to style and care for or for long hair:  spiral perms with uniform ringlets around the entire head. The curls can be done large and loose or smaller and tighter, but always rolled sideways towards the back of the head. Spiral perms are usually seen on longer hair, but look around, you will see very short hair styles that are rolled in this fashion – and they are cute!

Body Wave Perm

Creating big, bouncy curls as opposed to tight, spring curls – the body wave perm is for curl-lovers who want a more modern curly look. The goal is to inject body and a little curl without adding a ton of ‘poof’ to the hair. Because this perm uses larger perm rods than traditional perms, the length of your hair will determine how curly it will be: the shorter, the curlier

Susan can customize the perm to suit your hair style, so if its just loose waves you want then Susan can place the rollers in the exact placement to achieve maximum results

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